Sahasrahla is the sage in Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past that guides Link on yet another dungeon crawling adventure. Sahasrahla, as well as another sage, Aginah, are both descendants of the seven wise men of the past. Inside of the game, Sahasrahla is an old man, with a white beard, who mostly gives Link hints on how to navigate dungeons through tiles placed on the walls.

I played this game in 1994, and I first started reading Indian mythology two years later. I recognized the name from Indian mythology, but couldn't place it. Years later, I discovered that the name is a form of the Indian "Sahasra", the crown chakra point. That this is intentional, and perhaps meaningful, is confirmed by the fact that Aginah's name is probably a form of the second highest chakra, Ajna, the third eye. Since there were seven wise men in all, it could be supposed that they represented the seven chakras.

However, that being said, despite this symbology, and the quasi-Platonic\manichean symbology of the dark and light worlds, I can't quite place any kind of deep meaningful philosophical meaning into Sahasrahla's presence in the game, since it seems to be on the whole a rather entertaining adventure game; but it does not exactly seem to be aiming for deeper meaning.

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