I have mixed emotions about my last trip on a Grey Hound bus. I met a lovely elderly woman who sat next to me for 2 hours of my 13 hour bus ride to Vancouver. She told me about her son, and I told her about my non-existant career as a musician. We laughed, we cried, we forgot we were on a bus.

The remaining 11 hours of the bus trip was sheer horror. Not only was I confined in the bus, but somebody was wearing old lady perfume. As a matter of fact, too much perfume. After 11 hours, of gagging, I came out of the bus. I think somebody puked beacause it smelled nasty in the bus. I smelled like old lady perfume.

The moral of the story, kids, expect things like this to happen on a Grey Hound. If you can, sleep. If you're sitting beside what seems to be an interesting person, have a conversation; It helps pass the time .

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