Acronym for "Sealed With A Kiss", sometimes written on love letters by schoolgirls.

Sometimes also written as SWK....

which leads to a joke only funny to mormons.

The year was 1980. A man had just been called to be stake president. This lead to many phone calls, and letters from people that his wife didn't know. She kind of expected this, and assumed it would go away when he was released. For the most part, she was able to credit his new responsibilities inherint in his new calling. She became concerned when one day, a letter arrived with no return address, but with the letters SWK over the flap. She wondered who in Salt Lake City would be sending him a letter sealed with a kiss. She determined to ask him about it that night. As she waited for him to come home, she thought about all the possible scenarios (read fights) that might ensue, and decided to steam the letter open. She did so, and just as the front door opened, she saw the name below the signature...Spencer W. Kimball.

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