A place I worked during Christmas season on 97-98.

Working at Spencers inside a shopping mall during Christmas is roughly equivalant to, uhh, Hell. We sold: Lava Lamps, Kiss Dolls, Elvis propoganda, assorted crap, inflatable furniture, Rock and/or Roll t-shirts, disco balls, etc.

I insulted several customers by following them around (see: paranoia), flubbed transactions, and, all and all, tried to cost Universal Studios more money than they were paying me, which wasn't hard. We didn't do much. I was very bad at recommending gifts.

I worked with a dippy blonde who was kinda nice, a couple psudo-goths, and some older ladies, who (in title only) were managers.

You may remember me, if you live near Rockford, Illinois, I worked in the Cherryvale Mall. Ahh, The smell of commerce.

Two days after Christmas, we took out all the x-mas stuff and replaced it with Valentine's Day things. This quick turnaround from one season to another only reinforced in my mind that many holidays were made by Hallmark, and the ones that were not were being purchased at low-low prices.

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