The common name for a do gi, this is the white outfit worn when practising many of the martial arts, such as judo,karate, and aikido historically worn as underwear in Japan.

The gi consists of an uwagi (jacket), zubon (trousers), and obi (belt). In many martial arts the colour of the obi denotes your the level of learning the wearer is at, but bar black being the highest, the order of colours vary from one form of martial art to another. Some martial arts, such as aikido, allow people above a certain rank to wear hakama as well as the gi

A term for the clothes worn by Aikidoists and other martial arts. The Aikido jacket is heavier than the Karate jacket and pants. Judo and Aikido practitoners, have heavier jackets. Judo and Aikido are two grappeling and throwing martial arts, so Karate and Tae Kwon Do jackets are ripped easy if used in Judo or Aikido. Sometimes worn with a hakama by Aikidoists.

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