SPUC are the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, the Irish pro-life/anti-choice (delete as appropriate) group responsible for an anti-abortion amendment being introduced in the Irish Constitution in the 1980s. They successfully lobbied the government to hold a referendum on the issue, and the amendment was duly passed by a large majority.

Once the amendment was law, they proceeded to take legal action against any party providing information on where an abortion could be obtained overseas. This led to protracted court cases in which they brought several students unions to the point of bankruptcy. These court cases were fought on points of constitutional law, with the students and others being represented by such luminaries as Mary Robinson, later Ireland's president. While a majority had supported the constitutional ban on abortion, the idea that this should lead to the curtailment of freedom of speech was harder to swallow. This issue was complicated by an EU law which stated that it was legal to provide information on services that could be legally offered in another member state, even if that service was illegal in the state where the information was being provided. If you follow me.

This question, however, was settled in the 1990s by a further referendum, which put the question of information provision directly to the people. This referendum was part of the fallout of the "X Case", and the people overwhelmingly supported the right to information. This did not stop SPUC from pursuing its case against the students unions, however, arguing that provision of information was illegal at the time it was provided.

I believe SPUC still exists as an organisation, but its campaign has been pursued in more recent times by organisations of different names, most notable the Pro-Life Campaign Ireland, and the more militant Youth Defence. The acronym SPUC was indelibly associated with a very difficult time in the life of the Republic, when religious forces attempted to resist the tide of secularism on issues such as abortion, contraception and homosexuality, so perhaps they thought a name change was in order for the "caring-sharing" 90s.

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