Pioneering Philadelphia dancepunk band formed in 1996. Members are Bob Doto (guitar), Julian Grefe (Moog and guitar, also of The Trans Megetti), Daneil Mazone (drums), and a parade of dozens of bass players (most recently Rick Mitchell). You may have seen them open for ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

The name is a reference to sex and simplicity. It's also spelled "s prcss" on the MNML cover; "Vowels are so overrated."

Doto and Mazone met in New Jersey and formed the band in 1996. Grefe was originally brought in as a collaborator for one track, and became a member by the time their first full length was released. At the time, the band did their recording by mail, as until 2001 Doto lived in Providence, Rhode Island, Grefe in Philadelphia, and Mazone in Boulder, Colorado.

The Sound
The band has worked with Phil Ek (Built to Spill and Modest Mouse) and Dalek's Alop Momim. They sound kind of like Hot Hot Heat meets the Stone Temple Pilots. Their biggest influences are Mission of Burma and Sonic Youth. On the disco side, they've been compared to Gang of Four, but they don't really sound like any of those bands. In fact, with each release they sound less like any other band.


  1. S Process 7" (1998, Track Star)
  2. More Me (2001, Track Star)
  3. MNML (2003, Frenchkiss)


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