Rustoleum is a manufacturer of aerosol spraypaint, known for its high quality and large variety of colors. Rustoleum brands include Rustoleum "Stops Rust" (the main line), Painter's Touch and American Accents. Enamel, primer, and gloss varieties are sold.


Rustoleum is the preferred brand of many graffiti writers in the United States. Sold in 13 oz cans, Rusto paint tends to be thicker than other brands of paint, such as Krylon or Plasti-Kote, and as a result covers evenly and thoroughly. With all Rusto brands, there is a short delay after pressing the spray nozzle before paint comes out.

Notable colors

Harbor Blue, Grass Green, Mediterranean Teal, Light Olive, Dark Purple, Sand, Fresh Blue.

Compatible spray tips

Rusto fats, NY thin/Phantom (but not NY fats), German fats & thins, and any stock tip.

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