(Specifically, British Royal Navy slang. It was Sylvar who pointed out to me that "there's more than one monarchy with a fleet". Many thanks, Sylvar, may the grace of nate protect thee.)

Jolly Jack Tar has always been known for having a particularly... errrm... 'expressive'... manner of speech. It's not all cursing and avasts and belays and "ahaaaaar, Jim-laaaad", though. Some of Jack's phraseology (and that of his counterparts in the Royal Marines and the Fleet Air Arm) is genuinely expressive and witty, and deserves wider reecognition.

Rick Jolly's excellent book Jackspeak: The Pusser's Rum guide to Royal Navy slanguage (ISBN 0951430521) is a veritable cornucopia of such terms, including, for some reason the nature of which I deem it wiser not to enquire, a disproportionate number of words for homosexual chaplains (amen wallah, raving rev, pulpit poofter and so on and so on).

Some Royal Navy slang terms are linked here:

Those seeking more information should consult the above book.

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