Star of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. According to the movie, Roger is a star of various Maroon Cartoons (these are fictional cartoons that exist only in the movie). Roger is a nervous wreck both on and off camera. Despite this, he is married to ToonTown uber-babe Jessica Rabbit. Roger always wears his red overalls with large yellow buttons.

After the success of the movie, Disney put Roger in a series of pre-movie shorts. These were Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit, and Trail Mix-Up. All of these also feature Baby Herman.

A Roger Rabbit prequel was discussed. It was going to be called Toon Platoon and feature Roger and his friends fighting in World War II. However, after Schindler's List, Spielberg (who was an executive producer on Who Framed... ) felt uncomfortable using the nazis as a comical villain.

Roger's voice is performed by Charles Fleischer. There are currently no talks to make any more Roger Rabbit movies, though the character can often be seen walking around DisneyLand.

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