I really hate to piss on anyone but I fucking hate the ripped fucking jeans!

You know, designer kind of jeans with with knees fashionably ripped. Like the wearer of these expensive jeans is some kind of peasant artist or something!

It was pretty bad for a while when I lived in New York and now's it's popping up in London.


Jeans rip in lots of places besides and in most long before the knees. Like the crotch.

I ain't King Kong down there, but all my jeans are totally trashed in the crotch long before the knees rip out. My girlfriend would totally freak if I tried to wear one of my ripped pairs out on the street. Not to mention that some polite British copper would promptly (and properly, no doubt!) detain me for society's good.

So please knock it off !

If you want to know real poverty then go do the Peace Corps 'thang and leave me alone!

Got it?

Maybe mutant's jeans all rip at the crotch first, as stated above. But throughout my high school years (1987-1991, when the ripped jeans thing was fashionable because of heavy metal bands wearing them), mine always wore out at the knees first. It's only since I gained 10 pounds and my jeans are tighter in the thighs that they've ever ripped at the crotch at all.

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