it is no secret that for the last 3 decades, we have been amassing a force of killer bears in the upstate region of new york known as the catskills. they are being trained in the firing of small arms as well as slingshots and riflery.

we feel it is our constitutional right to form this group and we shall not be stopped until all the bears are free.

our demands:

if the above conditions are not met in full, we shall unleash these armed bears on first grade classes worldwide.

An implied right in the United States of America under the Constitution. Since everyone has already been guarenteed the right to bear arms, everyone figured it would be alright to keep armed bears.

The right, much like the right to bear arms, comes from America's history. Back in the days when the United States was just a bunch of colonies and had to fight for its independance, a bunch of the colonists decided that arming the local bears would give them a tactical advantage over the British. Thus, the tradition of arming bears was born.

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