The Revolutionary Anarchist Kollective (RAK) was a student group at the University of Calgary. Their mandate was to fight globalization, protect free speech and student rights, and generally disturb the shit on campus in preparation for some sort of revolution... or something. They were involved in a number of surreal pranks including breaking into the U of C president's office and shouting at him.

The RAK did do some good in promoting the issue of skyrocketing tuition, working up the crowds during the 1999 tuition protests and helping the Alberta Tuition Abolition Coalition stage a teach-in in the MacEwan Student Centre on January 26, 2000, (which featured the beating of a piñata in the shape of Lyle Oberg).

The group splintered and pretty much disappeared by the 2000-2001 school year because the group leader had either graduated, dropped out, or had simply lost interest. Either that or they realized the phrase "an organization of anarchists" made people giggle uncontrollably.

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