A short history:

Nihilists of Technical University (NTU) (Teekkarinihilistit in Finnish) was found at Tampere University of Technology 1997. The founding meeting gathered as much as seven people. In the beginning nihilists divided into two factions: pragmatists and idealists.

The idealists wanted to oppose the bureaucratic rules of university in the great extend and they would have kept NTU free from any leadership whatsoever and not to reconcile themselves under the repressive system of organisational rules of university. But the pragmatists outnumbered the idealist block and so the rules were decided to be written so that they would have a chance to get accepted by the university club council.

The rules necessitate a chairman for a club and thus one was selected. The chairman was named after the title of Comrade Number One. Also an secretary, Comrade Number Two, was selected. Nihilists gathered an initial capital, seven marks (~$1), to open a bank account in hope to get financial support from the university club council. A petition was handed in immediately and an email list was opened.

And a positive surprise awaited NTU just after couple of months when the university club council announced that 500mk (~$83) would be granted as soon as the rules of the club were accepted. A nihilist act enough, those rules were never written. Some thought there could be something to be done with the money but some consider it would be like selling your grandma's false teeth for a penny. Meanwhile Comrade Number One who was told to open a bank account never did so and simply kept the initial capital himself.

However, all this didn't prevent NTU from working but they arranged two relatively successful meetings at local pubs. Intense and creative discussions were carried through and, believe or not, hardly any alcohol was consumed!

Early 1998 the most active nihilists left the university and the organization fades into inactivity. The name of Nihilists of Technical University can still be found 1999 from the brochure of university clubs.

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