Research comes in essentially two varieties, pure and applied. Lots of pure research was funded by the DOD to make better weapons. Corporations tend to fund applied research.

Research consists of observing a specific occurance again... and again... and again. So much is neccessary in order to verify a given phenomenon. And that's why they call it research. If it weren't so repetitive they would call it search.

Re*search" (r?-s?rch"), n. [Pref. re- + search: cf OF. recerche, F. recherche.]

Diligent inquiry or examination in seeking facts or principles; laborius or continued search after truth; as, researches of human wisdom.

The dearest interests of parties have frequently been staked on the results of the researches of antiquaries. Macaulay.

Syn. -- Investigation; examination; inquiry; scrutiny.


© Webster 1913.

Re*search", v. t. [Pref. re- + search: cf. OF. recerchier, F. rechercher.]

To search or examine with continued care; to seek diligently.


© Webster 1913.

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