A hip hop group from Portland, Oregon and the latest addition to the Quannum Projects label (also home to Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Latyrx, and others.)

Consists of three members:

* Jumbo Da Garbageman (MC, real name Solomon David. Got his name, I assume, because he actually was a custodian at Lincoln High School for some time.)
* Vursatyl (MC, real name Marlon Irving.)
* The Reverend Rayzor Shines (DJ, real name unknown.)

They've been on the Portland scene for a long time and are only recently getting the attention they deserve. They have a full-length album coming out in 2003 called Spirit In Stone.

Short, possibly incomplete discography:

Promo Casette Tape, 1997 (Misfit Records)
A1 (The Heist) - Grand Larceny
B1 (The Getaweay) - Cream Team 2000
(both tracks produced by Jumbo)

headexercise 12", 2001 (Quannum Projects QP 031-1)
A1 - headexercise
A2 - headexercise (instrumental)
B1 - clutch moments
B2 - clutch moments (instrumental)
B3 - headexercise remix movement 2
B4 - headexercise remix movement 2 (instrumental)
(original tracks produced by Jumbo, remix by Chief Xcel)

What If It's True? 12", 2002 (Quannum Projects QP 039)
A1 - What If It's True? (main truth)
A2 - What If It's True? (radio's truth)
A3 - What If It's True? (instrumental)
A4 - What If It's True? (acapella)
B1 - HelloHiHey! (main)
B2 - HelloHiHey! (instrumental)
B3 - HelloHiHey! (acapella)
(What If It's True? produced by Jumbo, HelloHiHey! produced by Jumbo & Vursatyl.)

Additionally, Vursatyl has appeared on Blackalicious projects past and present (specifically on the song Soul In Flesh and variously on the new album, Blazing Arrow) and is known to provide backup vocal support on tour. Jumbo appeared on an old Cool Nutz track called Freq, and has probably contributed his talents elsewhere as well.

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