Remy Bricka: The man who walks on water.

On 2 April 1988, a former schoolteacher and singer set out from Tenerife to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He finally arrived in Trinidad nearly two months later, on 31 May. What took so long? He was walking! Remy Bricka walked 3,502 miles (5,636km) across the Atlantic Ocean with polyester skis attached to his feet. Working under the same principles that are used in cross-country skiing, Bricka used a double-bladed paddle for locomotion. He attached an outrigger catamaran to his person so he would have somewhere to sleep, and also kept a water filter there so he could drink seawater. Bricka brought no food with him on this trip, but instead ate plankton and whatever fish landed on his catamaran as he walked. The entire feat earned him a position in the Guinness Book of World Records for "Furthest Distance Walking on Water," but Bricka also holds the speed record for that achievement, having walked one kilometer (on the Olympic swimming pool in Montréal) in just over seven minutes on 2 August 1989.


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