Trinidad is currently the most exclusive brand of Cuban cigars. These cigars were, until recently, not available for public consumption or purhcase. They were reserved for use as gifts for dignitaries and special visitors to Cuba. Starting in about 1999 ( the date may be off a bit ), Trinidads became available for purchase by the public.

It is none of your business how I got my hands on some.

There's so much more!

Trinidad is the southern-most island in the Caribbean belt. Unlike the rest of the West-Indies, Trinidad has an economy based on oil. Because of this, Trinidad has avoided the brunt of the tourist industry (Tobago's forte).

The population spread is about 1/3 black, 1/3 indian, 1/3 mixed including a smattering of whites and chinese.

There is an old British heritage currently being influenced by American culture due to an American naval base in WWII and the current upsurge of American cable tv and products.

The political situation in Trinidad is currently in turmoil with the current government (PNM - People's National Movement) being accused by the NAR (National Alliance for Reconstruction) of voter padding. The majority of Trinidadians think that the PNM is corrupt and there is evidence that lucrative contracts have been handed to 'friends' of the government (including a contract for American Fords for the police - nevermind there isn't a single Ford dealer in Trinidad. Where will they get spare parts?).

  • Trinidadian's love to party and 'lime' (a coloquial word meaning 'hang-out').
  • They drive abysmally generally using the hard-shoulder and inside lanes to overtake, leaving the indicator on and driving down the wrong side of the road to 'jump de queue' as they would call it.
  • Trinidadians refer to themselves as 'Trinis'. 'Trini' can also be used to denote an object which is Trinidadian including the language. (When weh tahk, weze speak Trini! Eh, eh! Wha yuh want?)
  • The word "Carib" (a local beer), when used foreign {not bad English...good Trini}), has connotations of it's own and will generally cause Trinidadians to reminisce for a beastly cold carib.
  • The one factor uniting EVERY Trini is that we all know that Trinidad is the best place on earth.

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