Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, the erstwhile head of the international spiritual group Subud, explained durring one of his many, many talks, that the symbolism behind Jesus' walking on water, is that Jesus had achieved a state where he was in total control of his emotions, where his feeling no longer dominated him.

It is this calmness, this ability to be still, that is, according to my personal opinion, not a quality that pertains only to Jesus the Christ himself, but is attainable by the act of submission to the One True God. In this view, Jesus becomes something of a benchmark, rather than a god; not something so out there that he has no real connection to this plain old shitty world. Christlikeness is what makes Christianity so powerful, so pertinent, if you think of it as a livable reality, rather than an updated pantheon or code of explaining life.

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