Go on; take it. It's yours. Some other people borrowed it but it's time you had it back.

They videotaped it and put it on TV. They photographed it and printed it in magazines. They digitized it and uploaded it onto the Internet. They've gotten an awful lot of use out of it while you weren't looking. Hell, they made a lot of money with it, too. You probably even forked over some cash yourself.

But that's all over now.

Return it to the "real" world. The world of humans who are there, actually there, physically present around you.

Sexuality is part of the essence of humanity. Physical, palpable, smellable, tasteable, visible. Tangible. It is not separate from you. It is not an alien entity to be fought or appeased; to fret and feel guilty about.

"Do you want me for my mind or my body?"
"Honey, what's the difference?"

So; it's easy. Here's what you do:
Stop lusting after images. They're just pictures; they're just information. They aren't people.
Stop lusting after fantasies. There are people in the world. Look! Over there! Wow, that person's cute. And, even better, they're real. This is not an instruction to stop having sexual fantasies...this is about being present with what is. That person you're with? They're not an approximation of a picture in Maxim or on E!; they are themselves. And so are you.

Reclaim your sexuality. Bring it back home. You are it, and it is you.
Reclaim your sexuality. Be here now.

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