The Concept

Our friend bane221 is having a New Year's Party, and the theme is black and white. He's going all out and making everything black and white, including the food. This is where you enter the fray: we need your best recipes in Black and White.

The Rules

Submit recipes for black and white food. The food can be any course (appetizers, main, dessert etc.) and come from any culinary tradition. The finished dishes can't contain any element that's another colour - say red, green, or blue - and must contain both black and white. (We'll cut some slack here: "black" may shade into grey or dark brown, "white" into cream.)

Please read E2 FAQ: Recipes before submitting your recipe. That FAQ gives valuable information on

  • format, including how to list ingredients, write up method, and present food names and measurements
  • copyright (bottom line: don't copy verbatim from another source)
  • providing commentary

Writing recipes is an elastic business. You need to keep your freedom of artistic expression as much as possible. However, try to remember that some people cooking these creations of yours are kitchen novices, and need as much guidance as possible. That is why using the guidelines set out in E2 FAQ: Recipes will result in greater rewards for the quest participants. Keep it clear, straightforward and logical and you will indeed reap the festive season cream. To wit...

The Reward

We do not promise that we, bane221, or anyone else, even your mother, will prepare your recipe, but we're an astute bunch of cooks, so any recipe looks plausible and as if it will result in a black and white dish will be accepted. You will be listed below, gain fame and glory, and one golden trinket for each valid entry. One golden trinket = 10 xp.

If you also tell us at least two (2) cookery sub-nodes in which your recipe fits (i.e. where it will fit under alphabetised recipes as well as under categorised recipes and/or regional recipes), you will receive another golden trinket.

Really kick-ass recipes that contain interesting and useful commentary, measures listed in both metric and imperial units, and easy to follow and clear instructions for preparation will receive yet another golden trinket. That's up to 30 xp for one good entry! You can enter as many recipes as you like. And you can go to the party. Just don't tell bane221 we sent you, though.

The Fine Print

Submit your entries to user recipe, please, using the blab box at the top of this write-up or the blab box on user recipe's homenode.*

Entries must be posted between the time this write-up was posted (November 29 2004 at 6:30 PM) and December 23 2004 at 12:00 midnight server time.

Which means the quest is now closed! Thanks for your entries.

So get cooking!

*The user recipe is actually a group account; the members of the group active in administering this quest are anthropod, oakling, ouroboros, and sneff.

The entries:

And honourable mentions to these, which were posted before the quest but still black and white:

  • jessicapierce says You might want to try Oreo Sludge Bars - they're quite an unappetizing charcoal gray, if done right. And oh so good for the tummy.
  • TheLady says this is not new, but recent, and I think would look quite good on a b&w buffet table...
  • princess loulou says: can i suggest Chipirones en su tinta gets a mention as a previously noded recipe. Chipirones are white and the ink sauce is black. perfect!
  • heppigirl says another two older recipes which I think should be given honourable mentions are Irish coffee and lamington. (Just a thought :))

There is one at every party

  • in10se says how about serving Guinness (black) with a nice thick head on it (white)?

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