Easy Black Caviar Roll (Sushi)
(Serves 2 to 4)

An easy, classy-looking appetizer.

1 Sharp chef's knife
1 Serving plate
1 Bamboo Sushi-rolling mat (optional)
1 Roll plastic wrap
1 Small (2-in. Dia.) bowl to hold the Soy Sauce

1 Pot of boiling water
1 Cup Rice
1 Jar of black caviar
1 Sheet of seaweed
1 Tablespoon sesame seeds (optional)
1 Bottle (Low sodium if you know what is good for you) Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Wasabi

spread sushi mat and place a sheet of plastic foil on it. wet hands and lightly dampen the surface.
Lay seaweed sheet on mat.
Cook rice and fluff, then mix in the sesame seeds (optional). Spread a layer about 1/4- to 1/2 an inch thick over the seaweed. Leave about a half an inch free along one edge like the gummed part on a sheet of rolling paper. Neatness counts.
Open caviar jar and make a line of caviar along the roll axis. This will be the core of the roll. Neatness counts.
Wet hands and take the edge of the mat and gently roll the seaweed/rice/caviar into a tube with the caviar in the middle. Do not roll too tightly. If excess caviar comes out, that's OK. if you were gentle, the core will be cleanly through the middle. scrape the excess off of the ends with your knife.
Unroll the mat, and use the unriced flap of seaweed to seal the edge. The tube of sushi should feel firm, but not hard.
Cut the tube into 1-inch sections and place on tray. Put the Wasabi in a neat pile on one side of the tray.
Fill small bowl 2/3rds full with Soy Sauce, place near tray.

This is easily scaled to larger groups. It is also very vegetarian-friendly, especially if you use non-endangered fish eggs.

Chiisuta reminds me that you can use orange caviar, which is less salty. You can also add interesting ingredients, just cut them long and thin. Lay them along the roll and they will be seen in cross-section when sliced.

Yclept says you could toast the sushi nori (seaweed) first in a dry pan. It changes the flavor slightly and improves the texture. Ouroboros adds: "I just wave the sheet of nori over the gas burner (on) from a height to toast it. It's ready when you see it slightly crinkle."

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