Track 5 on Significant Other, Limp Bizkit's second album. Lyrics available in the write-up above.

Re-Arranged was the first video released after Woodstock '99, where Limp Bizkit were blamed by the media for causing riots by playing their.. energetic.. song Break Stuff. (Even though the riots occured the day after Limp Bizkit appeared on stage).

The video features Limp Bizkit in jail, before they are put on trial, and found guilty. They are sentenced to death by, um, drowning in milk.

They keep playing in a room which is slowly filling with milk, before they drown. After they die, they are shown floating, and talking:

Wes - "Check it out!"
Fred - "You guys are like flying. I dunno what just happened."
Wes - "Did we just drown in the milk?"
Fred - "I don't think so..I can still breathe and talk."
Wes - "Are we in heaven? I think we're dead!"
Fred - "Dude, if we're in heaven man, I'd be kickin it with Method Man right now."
Then Fred gets pulled down and a caption appears, saying "To be continued".

The 'story' is continued in the video for N 2 Gether Now, the next single from Significant Other.

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