The mascot at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. Football coaches at the U can be heard yelling, "Be the hog, be the hog" to football players during pre-game warm-ups.

Before the beginning of a Razorback football game, the fans can be heard cheering for their beloved Hogs. One side of the stadium yells, "Arkansas!" and after a short pause the other side yells, "Razorbacks!" Alternatively, one can substitute "Beans and Slaw" for Arkansas and "Raisin Snacks" for Razorbacks. Makes life much more interesting.

Another popular cheer for the Razorbacks is the HogCall.

Back in the day, one could see Chester, who drives a hearse at these events, when he played trombone in the band.

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A hero published by Marvel Comics. Razorback first appeared in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #13 in 1977.

Buford Hollis was born and raised in Texarkana, Arkansas and was a trucker for a living. Known for being inventive as well as unusually strong, Hollis decided to become a super-hero like those that he had heard of in big cities. Creating a costume that resembled a wild boar (an animal native to and much loved in Arkansas), Hollis became the hero, Razorback. Hollis's costume allowed him to create an electrical shock that would disable his opponents and he traveled in his 18-wheeler named Big Pig.

When Hollis's sister Bobby Sue became involved with a cult in New York, Hollis followed to bring her home. He encountered Spider-Man and the two investigated the cult, finding out that it was controlled by the villains the Man-Beast and Hate-Monger. The two heroes broke up the cult and Hollis returned to Arkansas.

Years later, Razorback was involved in a plot to steal a space shuttle, called the Star Blazer. Razorback was approached by a woman named Taryn O'Connell, who informed Hollis that he was a mutant with the ability to operate any vehicle. O'Connell sought to help her friend Ulysses Solomon Archer, who was best known for his role in the Marvel series U.S.1. Hollis aided O'Connell and came into conflict with She-Hulk. The three stopped a plan of the alien villain Xemnu the Titan to take over the body of the infant child of Archer's wife. Hollis returned to Earth to face charges, but was given the shuttle as a gift which he renamed Big Pig II. He and O'Connell now travel the universe, in search of adventure.

Ra"zor*back" (?), n. Zool.

The rorqual.


© Webster 1913.

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