A character from the Marvel Comics universe. He first appeared in Thor #134.

The Man-Beast was artificially evolved from a wolf by The High Evolutionary. He has hypnotic powers, a voice that can sway people against their will, and the ability to use hate as power. He can wield this hate as powerful energy blasts. Seeing that the Man-Beast was evil, The High Evolutionary banished him. Out of spite, the Man-Beast made his way to Counter-Earth. He then proceeded to introduce evil to its inhabitants. When Adam Warlock was sent to stop him, he took over the body of Counter-Earth's president and sentenced Adam to death. When Warlock came back, he de-evolved the Man-Beast back into a wolf.

This didn't stop the Man-Beast, who determinedly worked his way back up the evolutionary ladder. He stole 5 of the Infinity gems to create the Infinity Thrall, a nearly all-powerful being. Of course, he was defeated. Then, he took over the body of U.S. Senator Kyle Munson and whipped the world's armies into a frenzy against The Infinity Watch. His trickery was revealed, and he was defeated once more by Adam Warlock. Since then, he hasn't been seen around.

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