A villain published by Marvel Comics. The Mandarin first appeared in Tales of Suspense #50.

The Mandarin's real name has never been revealed, but it is known that prior to China's adoption of Communism, the Mandarin's family was very wealthy. Raised by a relative after his parents' death while he was young, the Mandarin showed an amazingly advanced understanding of science. He used his family fortune to further his understanding and knowldege as well as gaining a position within the government. He became a powerful official or mandarin through his efforts.

But with the coming of Communism, the Mandarin lost his fortune and his position within the society. He began to seek a way to regain his former glory and visited the Valley of Spirits, a legendary area within China. There, the Mandarin discovered a crashed spaceship and the remains of one of its crew. The ship was from the planet Maklu-4 and its crew were natives of that planet who resembled the legendary dragons of Earth. Within the spaceship, the Mandarin discovered ten rings that were used as part of the ship's engines. After much study, The Mandarin discovered how to use the rings and decided that with their power, he would be able to regain not only his former power, but to dominate the world.

The rings each have their own power and the Mandarin can mentally activate the rings by the force of his will. The rings are as follows:

  • Ice Blast, which can project a beam that will drop the temperature of what it strikes to near absolute zero.
  • Mento-Intensifier, which allows the wearer to mentally dominate those around them
  • Electro-Blast, which firest bolts of electricity
  • Flame Blast, which firesa beam of intense heat
  • White Light, which produces energy along the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Black Light, which produces both an area of utter darkness that no light can penetrate or makes posters of flaming skulls look really cool
  • Disintegration Beam, which produces a beam that disintegrates the bonds between the atoms of the object it strikes
  • Vortex Beam, which creates a wind vortex rather like a tornado
  • Impact Beam, which creates a force beam, and
  • Matter Rearranger, which allows the wearer to rearange the molecular structure of whatever it strikes.
The Mandarin used his new abilities to take over the villages surrounding the Valley of Spirits. He then set his sights on world domination and began by stealing a spy plane built by Stark Enterprises. This brought the Mandarin in conflict with Iron Man. The two have since clashed many times with each time the Mandarin losing. The Mandarin has been believed killed on a number of occasions usually as part of his plan to escape Iron Man

The Mandarin has also come into conflict with the X-Men when one of their number, the mutant telepath Psylocke came under his control and she went by the name Lady Mandarin for a short time.