An excellent website for anyone learning Mandarin Chinese, wanting to maintain their Chinese, or doing tasks such as word processing or publishing in Chinese. It has several online dictionaries, a marvelous character-relationship chart, a chat room, and more--what's even better is that every character on the site is linked to the dictionary; click on it and you see the pronunciation and meaning. For once it's worthwhile to turn frames on. is highly recommended by Chinese-speaking Everythingites.

(For the curious casual observer, "zhongwen" means "Chinese language.")
What's better about this sucker is that you have several different ways to search for a character, be it stroke-count, radical, or pronunciation. And you don't even need a Chinese language plugin! Sometimes when there is a character I forgot how to write but I know how it is spoken I can just search for it. It even beats the paper dictionaries.

Also,'s dictionary is huge, its capacity exceeding that of some of the largest paper references available. Among some characters that I found there but not in my own dictionary were archaic usages dating back to the Han Dynasty. I hate reading those old poems, but makes it a whole lot easier.

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