Raver gravy
Not to be confused with rave goo which has similar properties.

Raver gravy is the strange gel like substance that can adhere to everything at parties. I have seen the effects of raver gravy on party kids that were unaware (not very pretty I must say). Unlike its cousin rave goo, raver gravy is not black or hallucinogenic. Raver gravy being a mix of the secretions that ooze off of ravers Raver gravy has a tendency to cause spontaneous acne if come in contact with your face.
Warning: Do not ingest raver gravy!
Properties of raver gravy:

  • Most raver gravy never gets too close to the ground (that is where the majority of rave goo is located). Raver gravy is a mix of Vicks, cheap brightly colored makeup, glitter soaked lotion, glow stick juice, Pieces of melted candy etc..
  • In most situations raver gravy resembles common filth on your skin. But a quick attempt to remove it will reveal raver gravy to be incredibly glue like, or even an epoxy like resin.
  • Although it is not certain if all raver gravy is non corrosive, it is always a good idea to remove raver gravy as soon as possible.

    How to remove raver gravy:

  • For your epidermis try simple soap and water, this should work, If not try dish soap. If that doesn’t work you will need some kind of chemical solvent.
  • if raver gravy has adhered itself to your clothes either learn to deal with it being there or get rid of that article of clothing. Raver gravy does not come out of clothes very often. If you manage to remove raver gravy from your clothes consider your self lucky as hell.
  • Over time raver gravy can build up in deposits on your pants, jackets, visors etc. When these deposits become large enough they can be harvested and refined into things like:
    1. Cell phones
    2. Candy bracelets
    3. Glow rods (not to be confused with glow sticks)
    4. Spam and hot dogs
    5. Trash cans
    6. various other multi colored toys a candy raver would wear

    Whenever dealing with raver gravy either take it to a professional All-star raver, or throw it away (it is always better to throw it away though, most all-star ravers have plenty of raver gravy)
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