Title: Samurai Jack and the Rave Slaves Publisher: Cartoon Network Date Published: Platforms: Any Flash enabled browser: Where to Get It: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/play/arcade/samjack_raveslave/ or http://www.goyk.com/flash.asp?path=280

Samurai Jack and the Rave Slaves is a free Macromedia Flash game available on the Cartoon Network website. It is based on the popular cartoon about a wandering warrior from the past and the menaces he must face in the future. Armed only with his trusty sword and his zillion combat skills, Jack faces evil, helps the helpless, and 'jumps good.'

Usually. In this game (based, I'm told, on an episode of the show), Jack must sheathe his sword and go unarmed. He must don suspenders, a pacifier, and Day-Glo hair. He must dance the dance of the ravers in order to save them from an evil alien DJ who is controlling them in the name of Aku, the shape shifting master of evil.

Yes. Yes, I did say dance. You press the Shift key and Jack dances. It is a nicely animated dance-- he plants his feet in a classic martial arts horse stance and moves his arms like he's practising punching. Only he's dancing. It works really well-- the trick is to hit 'dance' when you're at an enemy, then run away. If you jump up and kick them, its bad-- hit three of them (i think), and you lose the level. This gets annoying in the later levels, when ravers spinning glow sticks send them lashing out at you from a distance. I'm tempted to kick them, but then you lose the level. To win, you need to find a certain number of hidden speakers and destroy them. The levels take place all across the stage scaffolding.

This is probably the best Samurai Jack game on the site-- everything from the good controls to the classic platforming difficulty to the fact that all this raving is very nicely animated. The music's neat, too, and the premise is novel. A must for ravers, fans of the show, or anybody who enjoys a bit of wackiness.

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