A radio mic is what is used is a play, concert, or other kind of show, when sound reinforcement is required, but when it has to be subtle, or the actors/singers need to be able to use their hands for other things.

Radio mics are normally only allowed to be used on specific frequencies. In the UK, there are three different types of frequency license. Firstly, there are the VHF deregulated frequencies. Anybody can use these, anywhere, at any time. Secondly are the VHF and UHF licenced frequencies, which can be used with a license anywhere. And thirdly are the VHF site license frequencies, which can only be used in a specific location. The frequencies are as follows:

VHF Deregulated Frequencies:
173.800 MHz, 174.100 MHz, 174.500 MHz and 175.000 MHz

VHF and UHF Licensed Frequencies:
VHF - 191.900 MHz, 200.300 MHz, 208.300 MHz and 216.100 MHz
UHF - 854.900 MHz, 855.275 MHz, 855.900 MHz, 856.175 MHz, 856.575 MHz, 857.625 MHz, 857.950 MHz, 858.200 MHz, 858.650 MHz, 860.400 MHz, 860.900 MHz, 861.200 MHz, 861.550 MHz and 861.750 MHz

VHF Site License Frequencies:
176.400 MHz and 177.000 MHz

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