REO Speedwagon was/is a fairly famous rock group of the 70's/80's. The group began in 1967 at the University of Illinois when keyboardist Neal Doughty and drummer Alan Gratzer met.

In 1980 REO Speedwagon (Kevin Cronin (vocals), Doughty, Gratzer, Gregg Philbin (bass), Gary Richrath (guitar)) released Hi-Infidelity, their most popular album to date. It included such hits as "Keep On Loving You", and "Take It on the Run."

REO had one more hit after that, "Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore", before falling into obscurity, the peak of which was reached when their 1991 album Second Decade of Rock & Roll failed to chart.

Their 1996 album Building the Bridge had some popularity as it was featured in Bill Clinton's re-election campaign.


1971 - R E O Speedwagon
1972 - R.E.O. 2
1974 - Ridin' the Storm Out
1974 - Lost in a Dream
1975 - This Time We Mean It
1976 - R.E.O
1978 - You Can Tune a Piano but You Can't Tuna Fish
1978 - Live Again
1979 - Nine Lives
1980 - Hi-Infidelity
1982 - Good Trouble
1984 - Wheels Are Turnin'
1985 - Live: You Get What You Play For
1987 - Life As We Know It
1990 - The Earth, a Small Man, His Dog, and a Chicken
1991 - Second Decade of Rock & Roll
1995 - Believe in Rock & Roll
1996 - Building the Bridge

REO Speedwagon

The name REO Speedwagon comes from the most famous creation of classic car designer Ransom Eli Olds - his eponymous Oldsmobile. It is one of a long tradition of bands named after vehicles, such as The Lambrettas, and of course the king of them all, Jefferson Starship who in their previous incarnation were known as Jefferson Airplane and before they were famous, as the original but often forgotten Jefferson Ultra-light Hang-glider.

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