Psysex is a psychedelic trance group, currently comprised of two members. The group was started under the name, "Children of the Doc", and was comprised of Udi Shternberg and Yoni Oshrat. Udi is also known as DJ Goblin. Later, Udi did a project with Dave Saragosi, and decided to call the project Psysex. Dave was later replaced by Yoni, but from then on they were both Psysex and Children of the Doc.

Psysex has released two albums under the HOMMega label; "Expressions of Rage" being the first, and the second being "Hardcore Blastoff." They have also released several 12" vinyl selections on Balloonia and 3D Vision records, as well as numerous singles which can be heard on many varied compilations.

Udi and Yoni have also started a freestyle electro project, known as Koopa Troopa. Their first single, "Sunset Blvd.", can be heard as a bonus track on the second Psysex album.

Notable tracks:



First off, PsySex has released a new album entitled "Come in Peace".


(r) 2003.12.31@21:57 (10.1 hr) Jangie says re: Psysex, is their name related to SysEx?

Hmmmm... Good question. So what better way to find out than find their email address and ask?

From : Goblin
Reply-To : "Goblin"
Sent : Monday, January 5, 2004 12:01 AM
Re: SysEx

hi ! yes it is a pun of "sysex" (system exclusive) it is allso says so on our first album ......

see you later


So yes, as it turns out Psysex is a pun on SysEx. Good eye Jangie.

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