It cracks me up that when people call for privatization of government agencies to cut waste and inefficiency they forget the the idea that this private company has to generate profit for its owners and/or stockholders means that that money is coming out of our taxes, and it should be harder for a private company to do the same thing for the same amount of money if some of the money goes into the overhead of paying the owners or stockholders.

Now, perhaps the motivation of profit means the company will still come in underneath what it costs the government, but probably not unless they cut services which is usually what happens. And then, still, if a government agency was motivated to the same efficiency of a private corporation, it would still be cheaper because there's no stockholders wanting dividends or stock value.

And the myth that corporations are more efficient than government agencies is hogwash. If you work for a corporation, think of the waste in anything from office supplies to extravagant travel budgets to opulent offices. Now I'm not saying that companies shouldn't have such things, only that it's overhead that affects the bottom line.

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