ProDOS was an apple II series operating system that replaced DOS 3.3. It had a number of advantages over the earlier operating system.

It was later renamed to ProDOS 8 and a new version was created, ProDOS 16 for use on the Apple IIgs.
The '8' in ProDOS 8 refered to the fact that the apple II had an 8 bit processor(either a 6502 or a 65c02).
The '16' in ProDOS 16 refered to the fact that the IIgs had a 16 bit processor(a 65816).

ProDOS is its own OS, and likewise has it's own command set. It is different enough from Dos 3.3 to cause some confusion and so here is a set of basic commands for working your way around ye' olde' ProDOS.

    Gets a listing of all files in the current prefix (se below). It is the equivelent as the MS-DOS 'dir' command or the UNIX 'ls' command. 'CAT' will give an listing that will fit on a 40-column screen, while 'CATALOG' displays a more complete listing for 80-column displays.

    This is the ProDOS version of the MS-DOS and UNIX 'CD', and such a directlry in ProDOS is sometiems refered to as a prefix. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. The prefix delimeter is the proper "/", instead of the drain bramaged "\" that Mess-DOS uses.

    The ProDOS version of the MS-DOS and UNIX 'mkdir'. Creates a new 'PREFIX' for files to be put in to.

    Rename a file. Same as what was it does in MS-DOS or Apple DOS 3.3.

    Delete or erase a file. MS-DOS 'del' or UNIX 'rm'.

    Verify that a particular file exists propery on the disk and check to see if each sector is readable.

  • - (DASH)

    The dash is a special prefix, Executes a file regardless of what type it is. This, of course, won't work unless the file can be executed.

  • RUN

    Executes an (uncompiled) Applesoft BASIC program -- Integer BASIC execution is NOT supported in ProDOS.

  • BYE
    Dumps you out from the current BASIC.SYSTEM and prompts the user for the name of another .SYSTEM file to execute. A ProDOS '.SYSTEM' file is like the MS-DOS '' or UNIX shell.

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