The stupidest conspiracy theory ever

WARNING: This is an actual theory proposed by a deadly serious caller on a radio phone-in show. I can tell you he was either an astoundingly good actor or an astoundingly stupid person.

Electricity: we all take it for granted, and we all pay our bills to get it. As we know, it is produced by large generators, utilising nuclear energy or fossil fuels to output the required energy to turn the vast turbines which generate it. The resultant electricity is then piped to substations which regulate the correct voltage and current for normal home use.

Or is it?

To the radical thinker, it becomes obvious that something is afoot. Just stop and use your brains for a minute: what happens when you put a light bulb inside a sealed reflective sphere? Where does the light go? What happens when it is switched off? The answer is all too clear: it bounces off the inside of the sphere and goes back down the wire!

Isn't that in fact what is happening to all of our appliances? Electricity circulates through them, bringing them to life, then travels back through the mains socket and into the substation. The electricity is then re-used elsewhere, and the electricity companies save a fortune! Cunning, eh?

This fits in with other suspicious facts. Why are substations and generators so inaccessible? To protect us from electric shock? No! It's because they are empty! They are just a front, a facade! All electricity is recycled and the companies are all frauds who screw us out of our money for doing nothing!

So next time you turn on your computer, remember, you're using someone else's dirty electricity and paying through the nose for it!

The world must be alerted!

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