I have a 1986 944 Turbo. I have had a vehicle with a V8 that ran high 14 second quarter mile times, and the Porsche is supposedly capable of low 14 second times, but my other vehicle still felt faster. The Porsche, even with the lag of the turbo, is still an incredibly smooth rush forward, as opposed to a brutal crush of a fast V8 car. I imagine this has to do with the build quality of the Porsche being superior. If you've ever played NFS: Porsche Unleashed, the game does not do the car justice when it comes to acceleration, although the cartoon-like steering is the same. =) This likely has to do with not wanting to make the 944 look superior to the 911. In reality, up until right before my car came out (after it was designed), Porsche actually planned on replacing the 911 series with the 944. I think of this every time i work on my car and it definitely rings true. Despite the hatchback design not being as cool as the rear engine layout of the 911, the car is still a work of art when it comes to fit and finish. These cars are dirt cheap these days and you can easily find one without rust because of a special zinc galvanizing coating put on before the paint at the factory. You will only find rust on these cars where for some reason metal has rubbed on metal and been exposed to the elements for years. Expect to pay 3 times normal used car maintenance costs. Plan on being your own mechanic. This particular car cost around $60,000 or more when new, and it shows.

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