A very well engineered vehicle developed jointly between Porsche and VW in the mid 60's and produced through the mid 70's. Although looked-down upon by the unwashed masses because of its looks and mixed lineage, the 914 is a wonderfull automobile with a stong racing history including a class win at LeMans. Even 25 years later, 914's are still very competitive in autocross racing. The 914 is very fun to drive and also very very ugly.

Most Porsche 914s had the same 4-cylinder Volkswagen engine used in the Super Beetle of those years. In Europe, it was often jokingly called the "Volpo" - short for "Volkswagen - Porsche" but also the name of the East German border police, ho, ho.

A few of them, designated "914/6" had the Porsche 911T engine instead. These were Even More Fun than the VW-engined variety, and highly sought after.

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