A series of Rhino Records compilations featuring power pop bands of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

These CDs kick ass. Listening to them is a revelation for me. Previously I'd only heard of many of these bands from rock critics who were constantly going on about how insanely great they were. If they're that great, I thought, why haven't I ever heard them before? Silly me. Some of the most talented groups in rock and roll history apparently devoted themselves to sounding just like a combination of the Who and the Kinks circa early-to-mid-1960s, to brilliant effect but commercial suicide. If you're looking for tight, energetic, uptempo music that doesn't suck, do yourself a favor and give these a try.

Poptopia!: Power Pop Classics Of The '70s

  1. Go All The Way - Raspberries
  2. Couldn't I Just Tell You - Todd Rundgren
  3. Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?) - Blue Ash
  4. September Gurls - Big Star
  5. Just A Chance - Badfinger
  6. I'm On Fire - Dwight Twilley Band
  7. Shake Some Action - Flamin' Groovies
  8. Baby It's Cold Outside - Pezband
  9. Come On, Come On - Cheap Trick
  10. Where Have You Been All My Life - Fotomaker
  11. I Wanna Be Your Boyfiend - The Rubinoos
  12. Starry Eyes - The Records
  13. Girl Of My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky
  14. Cruel To Be Kind - Nick Lowe
  15. Good Girls Don't - The Knack
  16. Too Late - Shoes
  17. Yellow Pills - 20/20
  18. Rock N Roll Girl - The Beat

Poptopia!: Power Pop Classics Of The '80s

  1. What I Like About You - The Romantics
  2. Baby It's You - Phil Seymour
  3. Hold On To Something - Great Buildings
  4. Tell That Girl To Shut Up - Holly & The Italians
  5. Million Miles Away, A - The Plimsouls
  6. She Goes Out With Everybody - The SpongeTones
  7. Whenever You're On My Mind - Marshall Crenshaw
  8. I Want You Back - The Hoodoo Gurus
  9. Every Word Means No - Let's Active
  10. Crybaby - Utopia
  11. Going Down To Liverpool - Bangles
  12. Love Is For Lovers - The DBs
  13. Whatever Happened To Fun... - Candy
  14. Places That Are Gone - Tommy Keene
  15. Behind The Wall Of Sleep - The Smithereens
  16. Lisa Anne - Bill Lloyd
  17. She's So Young - The Pursuit Of Happiness
  18. There She Goes - The La's

Poptopia!: Power Pop Classics Of The '90s
Note: I haven't gotten my hands on this one yet, so I can't vouch for it.

  1. I've Been Waiting - Matthew Sweet
  2. That Is Why - Jellyfish
  3. Twisterella - Ride
  4. Cope - Gigolo Aunts
  5. Rollin' Down The Hill - The Rembrandts
  6. Jessica Something - The Tearaways
  7. Solar Sister - The Posies
  8. Proto-Pretty - Wondermints
  9. Into Your Arms - The Lemonheads
  10. Lady In The Front Row - Redd Kross
  11. Same Thing - The Grays
  12. Reasons - The Rooks
  13. Trampoline - The Greenberry Woods
  14. Can't Stop Smiling - Velocity Girl
  15. Hold Me Up - Velvet Crush
  16. Party Rages On, The - Zumpano
  17. Every Minute - P. Hux
  18. You're All Forgiven - Idle Wilds

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