The Prelude:

The night is darkLoneliness presses in around you. Waves slide around the ship as you take inventory. Never has your galley seemed so empty. These desperate times call for desperate measures. Your treacherous hand reaches out even as you wonder if the snack on the shelf will truly satisy your late night craving.

The Product:

Pirate's Booty, manufactured by Robert’s American Gourmet, is one man's answer to what some Americans refer to as the booty call. As the father of two small children Robert recognized the need for a nutritious late night snack. Experimentation with blending oat bran into potato chips yielded a wholesome crunchy snack and so a star was born.

The Past:

In need of a name for his new idea Robert found inspiration while watching the pirate ship at Treasure Island. Robert’s website doesn’t confirm this but I assume that Robert’s inspiration came from the Las Vegas casino Treasure Island where a mock battle between two ships is performed throughout the day. The foundation for the Pirate’s Booty empire was laid during the years that Robert sold salad dressing to health conscious Americans. This national distribution network allows Pirate's Booty consumers in all fifty states the opportunity to satisfy themselves with heaping handfuls of Robert’s tasty gourmet snacks.

The Present:

The original Pirate’s Booty was a puffed corn munchy complete with a compelling cheese flavor. Among the current products available are the following exciting additions: Cocoa Booty, Hot n’ Spicy Nude Food, Pirate Swag and Simply Booty. Several vegan options give Robert's vegetarian customers a crispy snack alternative. All of Robert’s snacks are preservative free. The brand is touted as healthy, nutritious, child-friendly and fun.

The Pirate's Booty Team:

One interesting thing I ran across while viewing Robert’s website was “Our Booty Team”. Curiously I clicked on the link. In their own words “Robert’s American Gourmet is proud to sponsor "Bicycle Benefits" a progressive bicycling program designed to reward individuals and businesses for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health, and the use of pedaling energy in order to create a more sustainable community. You can read more about Bicycle Benefits at

Peace Puffs for Booty Lovers:

Alternatives to pirate themed snacks can be found in items such as Zen Popcorn, Fruity Booty and Peace Puffs. Robert’s also offers customers Sushi Rice Flyers, Ginko Biloba Rings and No Fat Mood Food for those who want a hand in the bag but have an eye on the booty behind.

Pirate's Booty, No Longer A Buried Treasure:

Robert’s American Gourmet currently has a profitable niche in the “healthy” snack market. The products are attractively packaged, cleverly named and priced to attract consumers. While I find Robert’s snacks to be an interesting idea and a step in the right direction I still feel that fresh fruits and veggies are a better snack idea than anything manufactured in a factory. Robert's American Gourmet snacks are essentially empty calories that most Americans don’t need.

X Marks the Spot:

Robert’s has done some interesting things by encouraging people to engage in booty slimming operations such as cycling but I can’t help thinking that we’d all be better off leaving Robert’s American Gourmet products on the shelves and grabbing healthy handfuls of the genuine booty true pirates treasure most.


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