Professional wrestling 'character'.

In mid-1999, perennial WWF comic relief Al Snow bid farewell to his best friend and business adviser Head. Head was a disembodied mannequin head whom Al had talked to for some time since discovering her in ECW. However, Prince Albert (AKA A-Train) killed Head by driving a railroad spike into her...well, head.

Looking to fill the gap left by Head, Al ‘befriended’ a one-eyed stuffed and mounted moose head named Pierre. Pierre's career as Al's friend and adviser, however, was short-lived. Mere weeks into his new role, Pierre died at the hands of Bob 'Hardcore' Holly after Pierre won the WWF Hardcore title from Head (who had herself 'pinned' Albert in an impromptu match one week earlier, when a contrived series of events saw Head lie on Albert's body for the count of three).

Notwithstanding Pierre's heroic victory over Head being overshadowed by his immediate death, the angle had a wonderful ending, as Al performed a eulogy for Pierre on the next episode of RAW, in which he produced a box full of Pierre’s favorite things, like his Sammy Davis Junior albums and Columbo collection (if you don’t get it, ask your parents). The entire storyline was one of the funniest angles ever on RAW.

Pierre even had his own merchandise - a t-shirt with a picture of him and the slogan 'Pierre: Hardcore Reindeer'.

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