A professional wrestler currently wrestling in the WWF under his real name. His first big break came when he was brought into the WWF as Shinobi, a masked ninja. This was the first in a long line of bad gimmicks for Al, who, although talented, seemingly unable to break through to the marks. Finally, after suffering through Leif Cassidy, a supposedly norwegian member of the New Rockers, Al packed his bags and headed to ECW. Like many other talented, under-utilized wrestlers, Al found success in ECW. There he adobted his current gimmick: he's a schizophrenic that carries around his manager, a mannequin head named Head. Stylistically, Al is probably a Japanese technical/high-flyer, but his time in ECW and his maniac gimmick has led to him adopting a hardcore edge in the WWF.

Former WWF Hardcore champion.

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