Phantom Planet is a groovy pop band that is finally claiming some much deserved fame. They think very highly of themselves for a once struggling band from California, but pretty teenaged boys usually do. The girls flock. The ladies swoon. Of course they have egos!

The band first began in the way many boy bands do… in the junior high and early high school years by Jason Schwartzman (Max Fischer in Rushmore) with his friends, Alex Greenwald (known for singing in the early “Dress You Up in My Love” GAP commercials), Jacques Brautbar, Darren Robinson, and Sam Farra. However, this isn’t a typical “boy band”. Some of their main influences and idols include the Beatles, Beach Boys, ELO, and Queen. They have opened for Weezer, Morrissey, and Sloan, while also gathering the attention of many teenage girls on the Sunset Strip. Their first album was entitled The Planet Is Missing, a very clever title for a very catchy sound. They have now finished recording their second full length album that can be expected for release in early 2002.

Phantom Planet is:

Alex Greenwald (Vocals & Guitar)
Jacques Brautbar (Guitar & Vocals)
Darren Robinson (Guitar)
Sam Farrar (Bass & Vocals)
Jason Schwartzman (Drums, Percussion & Keyboards)

The Planet is Missing (1998 Geffen Records):

I Was Better Off
So I Fall Again
Recently Distressed
Can't Take It
The Local Black and Red
Don't Get Down
Dying of Silence
Down In A Second
Lisa (Does It Hurt You?)
Rest Easy
Sleep Machine

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Television Soundtrack (1998 Geffen Records)

So I Fall Again

In Their Eyes: '90s Teen Bands vs. '80s Teen Movies (1998 Cheap Date Records)

Somebody's Baby (originally recorded by Jackson Browne)

Drive Me Crazy: Original Soundtrack (1999 Jive Records)

Is This Really Happening to Me?

Mumford: Original Soundtrack (1999 Hollywood Records)

Yakety Yak (originally recorded by The Coasters)

Polaroid (1999 Phantom Planet Family)

Break It Off
Powered By Scotch
Can You See Me Now?
Recently Distressed
So I Fall Again
Asteroid G
Lava Light
Dying of Silence
Last Glance
Darker Shade
Bust A Move
Please Apply Yourself to Me Sweetly
Rise the Setting Star
Devon's Rejection
Invasion of the Sunlight Snatchers
Nightmare Grip
She's Gone
Winter Wonderland

Due to the hierarchy of the Phantom Planet membership policy, this was ONLY sold to members (that also have to pay a yearly fee)... Blasted! I couldn't get one.

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