Peterborough is an odd city, it has some beautiful areas and slums. Both Trent University and Sir Sandford Fleming College are located within its borders, so it's largely populated with students, and therefore caters mainly to them as far as services and whatnot go. Sandford is on one side of the city, and Trent is on the other. There are also a couple of highschools.. needless to say, you can't turn around without running into someone who's going to school.

They have what I'm quite sure is one of the largest homeless populations in Ontario, probably because there aren't a lot of employment opportunities for people that aren't students. They do a good job of hiding it though, I've been there several times and hardly noticed. They've also got odd sport team names, like the "Peterborough Pete's".

Searching for apartments online becomes very interesting if you forget to specify which country you are referring to, there are several cities named Peterborough and they all get very jumbled if you aren't specific.
Peterborough is a city in Cambridgeshire, England, situated some 80 miles north of London. Until the end of the Second World War it was a small, although ancient city: there were stone age and bronze age settlements on the site, and the Romans established a clay-mining town nearby.

Peterborough's modern growth began in the 1960s when it was nominated one of Britain's New Towns. Major expansion followed and the town's population more than doubled in the following decade. In common with most New Towns, there is a strange sense of soullessness about the place, although with a population of nearly 100,000 before the New Town programme began it's not as obvious here as in some other places.

In 1992 it was designated an Environment City, one of only four cities in Britain to be given this status. Certainly there is an abundance of green space in the town, and the cycle route network there is considered to be one of the best in the country. More of a dormitory town than a major centre in itself, Peterborough (like most British cities) is attempting to market itself as a tourist attraction. It's situated close enough to Cambridge and the East Anglian fenland to be used as a base for exploring that area, but I wouldn't think many people would consider going there on holiday.

Peterborough (the one in the UK, that is) is mainly known for it's massive, beautiful cathedral. The first abbey there was founded in 655, but the abbey that became the cathedral was founded in 1118. The building is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in Europe.

Unfortunately, the cathedral was recently the victim of mindless arsonists, who set fire to the inside of the building, ruining a newly-restored ceiling painting and causing millions of pounds worth of damage. It would appear that nothing is sacred any more.

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