One of the cheapest brands of toothpaste, and also rather unpopular. This may be because it makes no claims to whiten your teeth, protect you from tartar, or spice up your sex life -- it simply goes on your toothbrush and foams a bit, and smells rather minty while doing so.

Dentists do not usually recommend Pepsodent to their patients. The brand (especially in its baking soda enchanced incarnation) is harsher than most other toothpastes, and can be irritating to the soft tissues in the mouth.

On a personal note, this was the toothpaste of my childhood. My father always bought it because it was cheap. He used to sing a little jingle about the stuff that went,
Brush your teeth with Pepsodent,
You'll wonder where the yellow went --
But when it turns them gray and black
You'll wish you had the yellow back.
The original flavor tastes a bit like root beer, which may be why I completely refuse to drink root beer to this day.

Pepsodent comes in original and baking soda formulas, and can be found at most grocery and drug stores, as well as

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