The sequel to Parasite Eve, developed by Square. The game takes up two discs and is rated Mature. Unfortunately not developed by the same team as the original game, so this one plays quite differently.

First of all, there is no longer an ATB or Active Time Bar, it now plays almost like a traditional Survival Horror game like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, or Fear Effect. The weapons aren't nearly as customizable as they were before. In fact, only the M4A1 rifle is about the only thing really customizable (though other weapons like the P08 can be customized slightly).

You also no longer level up, and instead use your experience to "buy" your Parasite Energies or spells. And no, Liberate isn't an option anymore. The spells are broken into four categories: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Only two skills are available for each at the start, but after maxing out both of them (level 3), a third spell unlocks in that category.

Bounty Points replace Bonus Points of old, but they no longer allow you to add bonuses to your stats and weapons, but instead allow you to buy weapons and items.

Armors no longer increase your defense, but instead give you more HP and MP. They also have attachment slots and by attaching items you can gain effects (such as being immune to Poison) or ready items you want to use during battle (you can only used items attached to your armor during a fight).


  • Aya Brea (Age 27)-She is now part of MIST, based in Los Angeles, and has somehow gotten younger due to her enhanced mitochondria.
  • Kyle Madigan (Age 29)-Mysterious reporter you meet while investigating the town of Dryfield. He'll occasionally follow you around and help out in fights, just don't let him die or it's game over.
  • Pierce Carradine (Age 31)-Your hacker friend at MIST HQ.
  • Rupert Broderick (Age 37)-Your partner at MIST, though he plays a much smaller role than Daniel did in the original.
  • Gary Douglas (Age 56)-The only resident of Dryfield left. He patrols the area for NMCs and ANMCs even though he has a prosthetic leg. He'll also sell you some weapons, seeing as he's quite the gun enthusiast.
  • Flint-Gary's dog. Follows you around and points out stuff every now and then.
  • Jodie Bouquet (Age 24)-The girl in charge of the armory at MIST.
  • Eric Baldwin (Age 50)-Aya's boss, the guy in charge of MIST.
  • No. 9-Mysterious armored man who blows up the Akropolis Tower and pursues you in Dryfield.
  • Eve-A small child with incredible powers who bears an uncanny resemblance to Aya and Maya.

    Parasite Energies (Spells):

  • Pyrokinesis (Fire)-Standard fireball spell
  • Combustion (Fire)-Launches a stream of fire
  • Inferno (Fire)-Toasts the screen
  • Metabolism (Water)-Cures status effects
  • Healing (Water)-Recovers HP
  • Life Drain (Water)-Sucks large amounts of life from all nearby foes
  • Antibody (Earth)-Reduces damage to Aya
  • Energy Shot (Earth)-Temporarily boosts your damage
  • Energy Ball (Earth)-Orbs rotate around Aya and will damage any foe that comes nearby
  • Necrosis (Wind)-A bolt of electricity stuns and poisons target
  • Plasma (Wind)-A burst of energy in all directions knocks down those nearby
  • Apobiosis (Wind)-Massive electrical damage and stuns for quite a while

    Game Modes:

  • Normal Mode-Play game normally
  • Replay Mode-Play the game slightly easier and have access to weapons you unlocked in other modes. Unlocked by beating the game once.
  • Bounty Mode-The game is slightly harder and Golems are everywhere. You unlock this by beating the game once.
  • Scavenger Mode-Resources are way down, good luck. Need to beat the game with at least 69,001 EXP to unlock this mode.
  • Nightmare Mode-Resources are down, enemies are deadly, and your stats suck. Pray. Unlock by beating Scavenger mode.

    Secrets Items
    It is possible to get a Gunblade (Squall Leonhart and Seifer Almasy's weapon of choice in Final Fantasy VIII) and a Hypervelocity Railgun if you get a high enough rank. Good luck.

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