Maddox is a fairly well known internet celebrity and satirist, his website at has become even more popular than the websites of several big-name fast food outlets including KFC and Burger King. He is a 25 year old university student in Utah where he also works as a programmer for a telemarketing company. He recently awarded his website an award for being "The Best Damn Page In The Universe", which speaks volumes about the victory of content over style which it represents. On the subject of his website, Maddox has proclaimed "I love everything about my site. It's the best."

Maddox's articles cover a wide range of subjects, such as movies, Jenny Jones, Japanese t-shirts and the size of his balls. There is however a theme to his website which occurs in all his articles, and it is that he does indeed hate a lot of things, people and places. Every couple of weeks or so he goes to great lengths to describe the things that "piss him off", and he does so in a hilarious fashion, showing a rare intelligence and sharp wit. His articles are often enhanced with great and funny cartoons which he draws himself using the humblest of graphics programs, MS Paint

An example of one of his more recent articles is the poem he has written entitled "Would You Like To Bomb Iran?", a side-splitting tribute to Dr. Seuss and takeoff of everyone's favourite president, George Dubya Bush. Maddox's articles are of a consistently high standard and are always good for a laugh. I would also recommend for more deranged Internet satirical humour.

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