Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. The name is pronounced "pango pango" or "paa-go paa-go" by English speakers, depending on how they render the Polynesian sounds. The town has a population of about 10,640 (1990 figures).

Pago Pago is on the largest island in American Samoa, Tutuila, on the shore of Pago Pago Bay, a deep harbor that makes it a very good port. The U.S. originally took over the islands to use this bay as a coaling station for its ships in the late 1800s. During World War II, the city was also a major station for U.S. military in the Pacific. Much of the tuna processed in the canneries which are now American Samoa's major industry is delivered to this harbor. "The main dock in Pago Pago harbor is 1000 feet long, handling ships of up to a 32 foot draft. Pago Pago harbor provides the full complement of equipment and facilities and has a ship repair facility with a 3000 ton marine railway."

There is also an international airport just outside of town, and tourism is another industry encouraged by local government. The city is surrounded by forested mountains, and the view is suppposed to be beautiful from any viewpoint due to local building guidelines that limit building height. The city also has a large market and the National Park Visitor Center for American Samoa.


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