I have some real problems with the Padme Naberrie concept of TPM. My first issue is when the false queen sends her to clean off R2-D2. I mean - excuse me? I understand the need to have her perform some tasks to aid the masquerade, but cleaning a droid? It seems much too menial. Obviously, the reason is that George Lucas wanted the two to become better acquainted, but it makes no realistic sense. Actually, there's not much reason for commending R2-D2 on his behaviour during the escape from Naboo since all he did was be lucky enough not to be shot. He was designed for this sort of work. You don't thank a toaster for making good toast, even if it has a personality built in. In fact, a personality makes this much more like slavery, only worst, since the droids are programmed to serve without choice.

The next point is with the senate hearing. I've checked again and again, because it makes no sense to me, and I'm sure that it's the false queen, and not Amidala, who attends the senate meeting. Why is that? Does she really think herself in danger there? I mean - this is a serious matter, not the sort of thing you want to send a servant to do. The servant who is easily manipulated into calling for a vote of no-confidence. Oh - and where the hell is Amidala when Anakin comes to say goodbye? On an errand? What, cleaning another droid? Washing the toilet? Please...

P.S. If I made a mistake concerning when the Queen is real and when is the decoy, please msg me.

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