This one takes place on the set of Return of the Sith and it just woke me at the holy minute so I'm recording while the imagery is fresh.

Myself, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Ian McDiarmid, and George Lucas are the main characters. Just saw McDiarmid in an episode of Inspector Morse a day ago so maybe that was why he was in short term memory.

The whole set is somehow like a mall and in an early scene which is already fading now as is the proper sequence of the scenes there a scene set up in room with Ludwig XIV furniture and a focus from the floor looking up into an etagere with bric-a-brack. Nothing much distinct about that or the one where Whoopi Goldberg plays a centenarian ex-slave returned to the big house where she served as a child, a la Jane Pittman and remarking on its' furnishings being unchanged from when she was a child.

In another part, off the set I'm talking to Julia Roberts who turns out to be a fan. I say that it's already well known what the plot is, how Anakin marries Padme, she's killed and Sidious turns him to dark side in a scene where tells him that he killed her and she was pregnant.

In another part, in order to make Palpatine's eyes really red, a prop guy comes up and throws something really corrosive into his face. This is almost more than Ian can take and it takes him some time to recover but has the desired effect. While he's recovering we talk in a room where there are 3 or four other Palpatine stand-ins one of whom comments that he gets a lot of work as Ray Bolger.

In another less distinct but the most forceful part, Lucas or someone is talking about the sound effect at the moment Anakin is turned and then it is produced, It's a heavy throbbing noise which you can imagine reverberating in the theater. I see the interaction between Master and Apprentice and the space between them is filled with force lightning.

In another scene Anakin and some other characters encounter these strange creatures who have somehow evolved with a strong instinct to give humans tactile and sensual pleasure. They are sort of a cross between Wookies and a rug and Anakin and companions are each enfolded and pleasured by one. They are huge and giggly and hairy inside.

The final scene is one focusing on Padme and it's at a central stairwell of the Mall and is a dramatic one. There's a take and Julia and I are quite close to the action. George yells cut and passes a slip of paper to Natalie. It has some directions on her character in the take and it also says "Tell Julia and Epiktet to get off the set".

At that point Julia and I leave and I wake up and note the time.

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