The title "Pablo Honey" was actually taken from a prank call by the Jerky Boys of the same name. The call pretty much consisted of the pranker calling an unsuspecting victim and saying "Pablo, Honey? Come down to Florida" - over and over again.

Pablo Honey is Radiohead's first album (if you don't count the Drill EP), released in 1993, to worldwide indifference. Generally regarded as their weakest work (except by those who really hated Kid A), it nonetheless is a lot better than people give it credit for.

While the album is still noticeably Radiohead, due to Thom Yorke's vocals and the three-guitar army, it is fairly standard Oasis-era Britpop, with Nirvana-coloured edges. This can be seen in the Angst-ridden (yes, I spell Angst with a capital A. This is because I'm a pretentious grammar Nazi). I Can't, Lurgee and Blowout (incidentally, there's an excellent bootleg of this song played live and unplugged with The Pixies.)

Now, a decade or so after its original release, Pablo Honey is important for three reasons. Its a well above-average rock album, and its also a great way to see how arguably the best band of the nineties started out. The third reason? Guess.

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